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Valencia (Day 8-10)

May 26th, 2010

P1010579Day 8

At 10:30am I punctually left Alicante by bus to arrive 2.5h later in Valencia, my last place before I would return to Germany a few days later. Valencia is so much bigger than the other two cities I just visited. From the bus station I took a nearby metro to go to my host Conny. She actually is German which wouldn’t help me much to improve my Spanish but on the other hand I didn’t mind at all to talk in my mother tongue :)

Alicante (Day 5-7)

May 24th, 2010

P1010424Day 5

I chose the train instead of the bus to go from Murcia to Alicante, which was more or less the same price (5 euros). The route wasn’t as scenic as I hoped and only the last minutes we rode right next to the sea. The city which is also called Alacant (in Valencian) surprised me by its many tourists. When I found my way to the beach and the many restaurants along the Emplanada, I was surrounded by mainly English speaking people. The first contact I had when I was going to a bathroom of a restaurant, where a few tourist look alike waited in a line, confused looking at a sign. One of them looked at me hoping I could decipher it. I could! The sign said that the keys for the bathroom can be received at the bar. But I had more information to share with these guys. A guy from the bar already told me to use the women’s bathroom why-ever, which we all did in the end.

La Paz

October 12th, 2008

La Paz from El Alto La Paz … the capital of Bolivia, a city even higher than Cuzco and where people build houses on even the smallest spot. With my bus I arrived in a busy market street in Lapaz, called Sarganaga. I already liked this place and I was looking forward to explore it later. After I got oriented I went to the Loki Hostal by foot, which took me about 15 minutes.

Peru – Trujillo

September 6th, 2008

Trujillo Plaza de Armas

It was time to leave Lima after spending almost a week there … where did the time go? My destination was Huaraz, however there weren’t any free seats for the bus at Cruz del Sur, the bus company. Since there’s no central bus terminal in Lima, it would be a bit more difficult and time consuming to find another bus. I checked the nearby surrounding and found around four other bus companies at least, however no one with Huaraz as a destination.

Peru – Welcome to Lima

September 5th, 2008

Playing on the street

The day finally came that I would leave Central America and head for South America, which was my original plan from the beginning. But now there isn’t so much time anymore, around six weeks, which is enough for one or two countries. I decided to go to Peru, since this country always fascinated me. I could even find a Couchsurfer who would host me for a few days and so I left my hostel in Panama City for an eventful day.

Los Angeles

May 30th, 2008


After spending two month in and around New York City it was finally time for the actual trip, with a lot of exciting adventures. The time I spent in New York was more or less similar to a life instead of being a tourist. Now it was finally Thursday, May the 22nd, and we got up at 4:30am since our plane to Los Angeles would depart at 7:45am. We left our apartment with all our stuff at 5:30am thinking that it would need an hour to the airport, but we were wrong and we were unfortunate … we missed a metro and another one was kind of very late and in the end it took us 95 minutes … five minutes too much to catch our plane, because the check-in counter closed already. Fortunately we got a ticket for the next plane, which departed an hour later, for no extra fees.

North Conway (New Hampshire)

May 23rd, 2008

Me in Mount Washington Hotel

I left Boston with one of the two buses that daily go to North Conway. I haven’t heard back from the Couchsurfer I wanted to stay with and I couldn’t reach him the day before. So I first wanted to go to North Conway and try to reach him again, otherwise I would have lookes for a hostel.

Boston (Massachusettes)

May 21st, 2008

Boston in fog

Another small trip brought me first to Boston to, again, meet a Couchsurfing friend.
I bought a ticket from the BoltBus Company which is a new and cheap one, led by Chinese again. On a Saturday at 11am the brand new bus departed punctually. The seats were comfortable and wireless was also available. So the four hours ride from New York to Boston became actually short.

Norfolk (Virginia)

May 11th, 2008

Couchsurfing friends

Excitedly I waited for my train to Newport News, from where it’s just a few miles to Norfolk to my friend’s home. The trains had a delay of almost an hour, which fits to that, what people are saying about Amtrak trains, and after seven hours I reached my destination. Martina and Brittany, who both visited me last year, were picking me up from the train station. It was great to see them again and they welcomed me heartily.


April 29th, 2008

Being on top

A little trip on my own should begin, mainly to visit some Couchsurfers I met in Berlin. But also to see another city and to get a change after several weeks in New York. My first visit was Philadelphia where I met Annie, who I recently met in Berlin just before I left it. On my trip to Washington I passed Philadelphia seeing only the train station and that wasn’t very promising but Annie showed me the other side, the nicer side.

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