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Berlin to Copenhagen (by bike)

July 16th, 2010

Finally I will do the bike trip I was thinking of for years. The popular bike path starting from Berlin and which ends 600km later in Copenhagen is a bike tour I want to do with my dad. I do not expect to get to our destination in just a week time, instead I just hope to spend some good time with my dad, who at the age of 72 is looking forward to the trip. The map is going to show the progress and is going to be updated daily.

Brieselang to Copenhagen auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Into the wild … with Coldplay?

October 13th, 2009


Day 0

Finally it was time to travel again! This time I would go to Slovenia hiking and camping for three weeks with not a big plan but just knowing where I would start and where I would end. Before I however left my country I stopped by Munich to visit a friend I already was couchsurfing with.

It was already two years ago that I’ve last seen Elisa, who I knew from my wonderful couchsurfing experience in Constance. She did an internship in Munich and invited everybody to her temporary space … since Munich was on the way to Slovenia it just seemed the right idea to visit her again :-)


April 21st, 2009


My parents asked me if I’d like to join them on a little trip during Easter. It must have been more than a decade when I travelled the last time with them. Also my brother including his family joined and when Claire also joined in I thought that it actually could become quite nice :-)

The destination was a popular place in the former GDR, where you could find the highest mountain. This 1134m mountain is called Brocken and is situated within the nature resort called Harz.

Back to where I started

November 11th, 2008

When I wrote my last articles, I already was back in Germany for some time. I just didn’t find the time to finish, but now I’m glad to finish it with this post!

After Bolivia I was on a long bus drive to Arequipa, which is a popular city in Peru. Nice mountains and valleys offer great opportunities to hike and trek. I stopped their to meet up with a friend I met in Lima, when I arrived there from Panama. We always tried meet up during our journeys but always missed another.


August 27th, 2007

Cologne Philharmony & Cathedral

Before my journey to Spain began, I visited Cologne from where my plane also departed. I have found a couch to sleep and a car to get there, so everything went fine although it was a bit last minute.
The ride to Cologne was interesting and funny. I met an interesting guy, who has visited many places and who did a lot of cool stuff … as a designer, you’re always different than other people I think! He showed me some videoclips he made, especially scenes of sunsets and sunrises in fast motion. That looked really cool, but it’s very time consuming to do it and he spent hours taking pictures every second.


May 30th, 2007

Hannover parkDue to a public holiday a long weekend invited me to leave Berlin and to visit a friend in Hannover. I’ve just been twice in this city to visit a fair. One was the exhibition Expo 2000 and the other the CeBit. But the city itself I never explored because there was no time. But this time I could visit my chinese friend, Dejun, who moved there last year for studying.

A tour on bike

May 1st, 2007

Rape field

Last Saturday I decided to do a little cycling tour. With my new bike I wanted to visit my friend Felix, who lives around 75 km away from me. That distance is a good one for beginning my training for the Kopenhagen cycling tour, if it really becomes true … there shall be a good cycling path all the way from Berlin to Copenhagen but it would take more than one day I think 😉 … but back to the topic!

Christmas time in Stuttgart

December 12th, 2006

The second time in this year I’ve been visiting Stuttgart. The main reason was the christmas party of my company, which is celebrated every year in Stuttgart because there’s our head quarter. I flew by plane on friday and went directly to the hotel. After that it was already time to go to the restaurant where the party should start.

Arrived there I saw a lot of new faces. Most of them I haven’t seen before because they are all “scattered over Germany”. After some talking a little speech began and afterwards the great dinner has finally started. It was really delicious! :-) The atmosphere was familially and you could even talk to the “bigger bosses” in a relax way. That went on smoe hours till the day has passed and a new day almost began.

Festival of Lights 2006

October 24th, 2006


Again the time has come that Berlin appears in another light. After the big success of the festival last year it has become even better now. Many popular buildings are illuminated by colored lights and sometimes with interesting color patterns like the “Berlin Cathedral”. If you stand in front of it you’ll become breathless. It’s really overwhelming. The last year it has also been really nice but now it’s an eye catcher! By the way … the patterns are also changing!

Berlin Cathedral

Schwäbisch Hall

October 5th, 2006

Overview of Schwäbisch Hall

The name of this city I only knew from the commercials, where a “fox” occured, telling you to hurry to make a contract. After 1.5 hours by train from Stuttgart I arrived at Schwäbisch Hall, where Tung waited for me. It’s been 8 o’clock in the evening and already dark and we went to his astonishing apartement. An apartement for four people where he lives alone at the moment. So we’d got a lot of space.

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