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November 27th, 2011


After some very nice days in Tulum I moved on south towards the border of Belize. All the places I have been to since I left Mexico City were full of tourists and busy. If you don’t spend your time on the beach it’s hard to find some time on your own. In Tulum it wasn’t easy to find a spot to read since the hostel area was crowded and loud especially in the evening. That probably would change when I’d be in Bacalar, a small city close to Chetumal, which is next to the border to Belize.


November 25th, 2011


I was lucky when I left my hotel right next to Chichen Itza and waited for my bus to Valladolid. I only waited for 5 minutes when the hourly bus was coming. From Valladolid (40 minutes later and 20 pesos less in my pocket) I bought a ticket to Tulum (around 100 pesos), but the next one left in two hours time. So I hoped to find some cafe to spend my time. I followed two guys who seemed to know where to go. They entered a juice store and I also thought that a good idea.

Chichen Itza

November 23rd, 2011


When my friends left for the Cancún airport, I hopped onto a second class bus towards Merida. The second class buses would not go on toll roads, which was good in my case, because my hotel I wanted to go to was on another road, where my bus could drop me off. Just 2.5km before the site of Chichen Itza lay my hotel Alba, which had nice rooms and a swimming pool.

Cancún and Isla de Mujeres

November 14th, 2011

Playa Norte

Spending one month in the capital of Mexico has been great, but my loose schedule told me to move on to see more from the world, however on my own. Katha had her duties to her job and was saving her holidays for Cuba. But I wouldn’t be alone on my first days since I would meet up with some good friends of mine, who decided to spend their holidays in Mexico, too.

Day of the Dead

November 14th, 2011

Among beauties The Day of the dead was coming closer and we decided to celebrate this day in and around Patzcuaro. We already were in Morelia and actually booked a tour that would show us the typical celebration of this special day. In the end it was one of those tours were you first started to regret it, but in the end happy that you have done it.

Morelia, Patzcuaro & Uruapan

November 11th, 2011

IMG_4199 The famous Day of the Dead (Día de los muertos) was approaching and we were thinking about where to go. One recommended place was Mixquic which is south-east of Mexico City and which draws many tourists since it’s celebrated in the most traditional way there. But there are other sites at least as popular as this one, which we chose … Patzcuaro. But how we spent that day or better the night will be another story. In this post are only the cities described written in the subject.


November 5th, 2011

Pyamid of the sun from above

When it was Katha’s birthday back in August I thought about giving her an exciting trip when we would be in Mexico. I quickly got an idea which would be sticking into our heads for at least a while, so I hoped. Close to Mexico City are some famous pyramids of the sun and the moon, which are situated in Teotihuacan (it takes a while until you can speak it quickly!). But instead of just going there by foot, we would be flying with a balloon above those pyramids.

Puerto Escondido

November 3rd, 2011

At the beach

We left Oaxaca at around 11pm, traveling first class in a bus which costed less than 300 pesos. Although the distance is less than 200 km, the bus took 11 hours until it reached Puerto Escondido. There are some mountains in between the two cities and the bus seemed to drive around them, slowly and shaking us from one side to another. However I was surprised that I was able to sleep for around 3h that night. I heard of a highway that is being built, which shall shorten the time to 2h! It normally takes now around 7h if you are not taking the night bus.


October 24th, 2011

Oaxaca After just a few days of being in Mexico City, we already left for a place on the Pacific Coast, Puerto Escondido. Katha was going to do her language class there, and I thought to do the same, however not that intense. Some free time on my own seemed to me more important than being all day at school. On the way to Puerto Escondido we stopped in a city known for its colonial architecture, which was six hours away from the capital, Oaxaca. Two friends of Katha were also joining us on that trip.

Mexico City

October 19th, 2011

Latinoamerica Tower It’s Monday the 3rd of October. Instead of celebrating the holiday of Germany’s reunification I am flying to Mexico City to reunite with my girlfriend. I had to change in London Heathrow from where it took  around 11 hours to my final destination. I was looking forward to watch several movies offered in the machine of British Airways, but after for movies I reached my limit and couldn’t do no more. With 4 hours more to go I was thinking of the trip Katha and I would be doing at the end of the week. That one included an 11 hour ride on a bus, which is much bumpier than the smooth flight I was enjoying now.