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Along the Soča

December 5th, 2009

Clouds in the valley

Day 11

I fortunately paid the previous night, since the reception did not open before 9am. At that time I already left Bovec 3km behind and walked through the nice village of Čezsoča. It was a pretty village and a little grocery store and a restaurant.

Quite the opposite I felt when I passed through Log Čezsoča just a very few kilometers further. People seemed to be unfriendly since some didn’t even reply when I greeted them and nothing interesting to see there … just houses. But maybe I just met the wrong people however I was finally kicked out by some dogs which were little but pretty loud.

Soča Valley – The emerald river

November 27th, 2009

Soča Valley

Day 8

When I arrived down in the valley I was greeted by the river Soča. The clear cool water I used to fill up my bottles. A sign said that it was 6.5h up to Triglav and one hour to Trenta. Great I thought and went towards Trenta. If I would have had the information about the “Soška Pot” I could have had started immediately to walk by the beautiful river along nice trails. But I didn’t know about it and so I walked along the street with few cars passing by.

Triglav … you are mine!

October 22nd, 2009


Day 7 – The myth of the one hundred women

When I looked out of the window at 6:30am I didn’t believe my eyes. Overnight around 30cm of snow fell and it was September. My plan to go up Triglav was a little bit disturbed, but since nobody said a word to prevent me from this, I started leaving for it at around 10am. The guys from England already left by then going down to the valley. The moment I wanted to leave the hut, a hundred(?) women came inside. By then I knew that it was true and I heard from different people that once every year such an event is held.

Approaching the mountains

October 21st, 2009


Day 5 – Through the woods

With all of my stuff packed I left the camp site Bled to visit Triglav mountain in two or three days. I wanted to make a detour to see more of the national park and so I went first to a gorge situated in the west of Bled. Along that one I would go south west until I arrive to some other nature spot. However the latter one I wasn’t able to see at that day.

Arriving in Bled

October 16th, 2009


Day 3 – Bled

My sleeping bag is cute and tiny, however not keeping you very warm. I should have listen to my last Couchsurfer who recommended me get another one or at least an inlay. Next thing that was on my list was to find a blanket or similar.

I had a great hot shower which heated up my body and had my daily soup for breakfast. This time it was a vegetable soup. At 7am I left the camp ground and walked towards Bled. It was a nice and easy walk. After 3km I already reached it and passed an outdoor shop. I went inside and found what I needed. With an inlay for my sleeping bag the further nights will be better hopefully.

Into the wild … but first class!

October 15th, 2009


Day 1

After a great breakfast I left Munich by train. I travelled first class since a special offer by the DB made the ticket cheaper than second class ones. I shared my compartment with another man who was also lucky to travel first class.

When we talked after I sat down, we stopped again when we arrived in Villach, a town in the south of Austria. This guy was so interesting to talk and listen to that time passed so quickly. He’s a pianist and composer and some other things too, as he was also giving lessons. What he said changed some fundamental rules of mine that I set up a long time ago. He seemed to me a great teacher also, so if you happen to live around Villach then you should learn the Piano with him or better send your kids to him 😉