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HIDEOUTThe Hideout
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Things in the village

September 5th, 2006

(some Things within the small backpack, they’re moving fast)

“Hey backpack! What’s up outside? It seems that we’re running but much smoother than usual.”
“We’re on a bike as we’re used to it in Berlin. It’s very hot but the wind cooles us down a bit. Nice hills are surrounding us. I think HE tries to get on to one of those hills.”
“Ah, right, I almost forget that feeling to be on a bike. It’s so pleasant!”
“Yepp. And nice shots from a hill I am still missing an my memory card.”

The Dream

September 3rd, 2006

(at night in a hotel room, everybody sleeps but mutter is heard from mobile)

“I can see you … wonderful … why … stay here … no … get off … help! HELP!!!”

(mobile wakes up and so some other Things)

“Hey mobile, calm down. You’ve just had a nightmare!”
“But it was so real and backpack, camera and … shoes, oh my god. Shoes are you alright?”
“I’m here and smelling like new after getting some air. Why are you so frightened? What did you dream?”

The Angel

August 28th, 2006

(it’s in the middle of the night, mobile cannot sleep)

(thinking: There must be a god, it’s impossible that so many ‘good’ coincidences happen! But why, if he exists, do so many bad things happen in the world? … Moreover, the world is too big for one Being, no matter how mighty it is. God must have some … helpers.) “Hey towel! Hope I didn’t wake you up!”
(gets awake) “What is it? Can’t you sleep?”
“Yes … I’ve been thinking to much. I wonder if god, if he exists, has some helpers?”

Things outside

August 25th, 2006

(somewhere in China, it’s very hot and some Things are in the small backpack)

“Another day, another shot! I wonder what I’ll see today?”
“Maybe we’ll hear some interesting music the kind sid has been singing.”
“Yeah, but next time you should record it instead of listening! But remember, the world outside isn’t as safe as here … it can be dangerous!”
“Yeah right, you’re such a hero. What’s so dangerous?”

(the backpack opens)

“Uh … it’s time for me, taking new pictures. See you lads!”

Things’ new friend

August 23rd, 2006

(in a chinese apartement, a humming voice fills the room)

“Argh … I can’t sleep with that noise. Does anybody knows what it is?”
“Hmm … it seems not to come from the outside … it comes from the corner there, isn’t it? Socks, what do you think? … Hey socks?”
(awaking) “Ehm … What? Why do you wake me up? I’d sleep so well with that music in my ears …”
“Music? That’s no music … where does it come from? Can you see something around you?”

Things in Shanghai

August 22nd, 2006

(It’s night again in a room in the middle of Shanghai and an air conditioner takes care of the cool air.)

(excited) “I’ve been outside! I’ve been outside! It was so exciting … and so hot, but we stand it and I think HE also felt well. Thanks to Mr. Shoes!!!”
Mr. Shoes:
“Never mind. I just did my job.”
“Don’t be so modest! To survive the whole day next to me when there are over 30C is more than a simple job.”
bathing suit:
“Go on in telling us what you’ve seen!”

What is coming with me

July 27th, 2006

Deep in the dark corners of my flat there is a living beyond imagination. “Things” you would never think of that they would have their own life. Maybe you never were sure about it, but believe me … there is something that you never realized …

(it is dark and quiet)

camera: “Hey … have you heard about the upcoming journey?”

almost all other: “Yes … maybe … do you believe it? … I was wondering myself … travelling is so exciting …”