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Back again (02/09/06)

September 7th, 2006

There is not much to say … just that I got back to Germany after a 10 hour flight. After that I had to go by train for another five hours. Then is was past midnight and I only wanted to be in my bed :-) But I realized that my keys are in the postbox and I just had the key for that box. So I had to wake up someone in the middle of the night who let me in. Fortunately it was a saturday and the ‘one’ didn’t get angry or something …

Things in the village

September 5th, 2006

(some Things within the small backpack, they’re moving fast)

“Hey backpack! What’s up outside? It seems that we’re running but much smoother than usual.”
“We’re on a bike as we’re used to it in Berlin. It’s very hot but the wind cooles us down a bit. Nice hills are surrounding us. I think HE tries to get on to one of those hills.”
“Ah, right, I almost forget that feeling to be on a bike. It’s so pleasant!”
“Yepp. And nice shots from a hill I am still missing an my memory card.”

Temple of Heaven (01/09/06)

September 3rd, 2006

Chinese TheaterOur last day we spent parted. Everyone looking for some last souveniers or visiting places that must have been seen.

I wanted to rent a bike to explore Beijing but that bike offered from our hotel wasn’t really a bike. So I went by bus to a shopping street and then to the Temple of Heaven where I spent the whole day. I also tried one of these bicycle services where you were driven to a destination. But the guy wanted too much money from me (for those few meters). After giving him half of the money (what is still too much) I let him back.
The Temple of Heaven is a big park with a lot of green, sometimes like a forest and here and there some buildings or temples. But the temples were really good and you could walk a lot between the single sights within the park.

The Great Wall (31/08/06)

September 3rd, 2006

Thousands of tourists visit the Great Wall daily. I didn’t want to be among them and the Wall should be long enough to find a more quite place. And we had the luck!

The day before a man offered us a trip to a lonely place at the Great Wall and we accepted it, although we had some arguments.

With a small bus, that wasn’t very comfortable, we went with six people to a lonesome place. The others were people from Spain and France. The all so familiar sound of spanish words in my ears let arise some home-feelings somehow.

The Dream

September 3rd, 2006

(at night in a hotel room, everybody sleeps but mutter is heard from mobile)

“I can see you … wonderful … why … stay here … no … get off … help! HELP!!!”

(mobile wakes up and so some other Things)

“Hey mobile, calm down. You’ve just had a nightmare!”
“But it was so real and backpack, camera and … shoes, oh my god. Shoes are you alright?”
“I’m here and smelling like new after getting some air. Why are you so frightened? What did you dream?”

The Forbidden City (30/08/06)

September 2nd, 2006

First we three went to a theater I discovered in the Lonely Planet. Dejun had to look after his new semester and where he’s going to continue his study. I bought a ticket for a show on friday evening. I am going to be alone, because others were not interested or no money. I thought if I am in Beijing I also must have visited a typical traditional theater.

Parks of Beijing (29/08/06)

August 30th, 2006

Breakfast at the hotel had a little touch of European ones. I had some toasts and jam the first time in China and also some good tasting milk.
Tianming felt so tired he went to bed afterwards. Dejun has been also very tired so that he even didn’t appeared at breakfast. And so Steffen and me tried to get to the Forbidden City on our own.
We wanted to go by bike, but the hotel offered just one bike and even that one you wouldn’t want to use.

Summer in Beijing (28/08/06)

August 28th, 2006

Woken up very smoothly I heard the train will arrive Beijing soon. I could almost do the necessary things, except the toilet thing, because the train stopped and it was me, who was the only one inside the train.

We took one of the many busses waiting outside. The bus was full of people and if you thought the bus is really full then you knew better afterwards as more Chinese got into the bus (somehow).
We drove to some hotels Tianming and Dejun had in mind and took the second one. The first had no stars and was inacceptable (for foreigners) we were told. The second one is really good and I will enjoy the time there.

Time for Wuhan (26/08/06-27/08/06)

August 28th, 2006

The discussions went on this day. For me it was clear to end my journey without any tourgroups. And so the plans developed to go to Beijing by a nighttrain on Sunday evening. The trip to Yichang (Three Gorges Dam) was canceled, because it would have taken us more than five hours to get there and then we had to return again … so we wanted our last week a bit quieter.

The Angel

August 28th, 2006

(it’s in the middle of the night, mobile cannot sleep)

(thinking: There must be a god, it’s impossible that so many ‘good’ coincidences happen! But why, if he exists, do so many bad things happen in the world? … Moreover, the world is too big for one Being, no matter how mighty it is. God must have some … helpers.) “Hey towel! Hope I didn’t wake you up!”
(gets awake) “What is it? Can’t you sleep?”
“Yes … I’ve been thinking to much. I wonder if god, if he exists, has some helpers?”

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