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Off to Iceland

August 11th, 2010

Yes … it’s time to travel again! Since I really liked my last trip in Slovenia, where I hiked and camped being on my own, I wanted to continue but this time in Iceland.

Starting in Reykjavik I will go by bus to the Great Geysir, from where on I will hike my way towards the south and east until I will reach the volcano, which name is impossible to pronounce. If there’s time I will approach the biggest glacier in europe.

My impressions can be found here after my trip.

Don’t hitch-hike me!

December 7th, 2009

Clouds in the valley

Day 13

Without being in any hurry I packed my things and had a small breakfast. An hour later I started walking again while the sun seemed to turn around in her bed. It was around 12km downhill until I would reach a bigger place. I was glad that I was over the pass and walking was easy now. While the sun slowly rose the valley awoke. Clouds were hanging sleepy like a blanket in the valley. Trees were half covered by them and created a mysterious atmosphere.

Ghent (this time for real)

August 20th, 2009

Polé PoléIn the evening we left for Ghent which was another reason to come back for. The biggest festival called “Geentse festen” was going on for 10 days with live concerts and music all over the town.
So after we had dinner we left for the city center. In the beginning we passed many empty streets and I thought Lien exagerated with this festival. But then we turned around a corner where crowded streets blocked our way. Lien reconed that the last years much more people had been on the streets. Probably because more popular bands were playing, but for me it already was amazing!

In Bruges

August 12th, 2009

One is the touristIt’s Thursday 7:30am and I’m sitting in a train to Bruges in Belgium. Thanks to a special offer by Deutsche Bahn I only had fo pay 44 euros one way. I could have had it 10 euros cheaper but I did ‘t really want to stay two more hours in the train.

Little Update

June 27th, 2008

We arrived in Costa Rica and now it´s the first time that I can access the internet, since the village we are in, is very limited.
Here´s a lot of work and we get up very early every day. Next to working on a farm we also go to a school (which is 4km up and down hill) where we teach some children English. I am more the assistent since Claire is doinga much better job in that, but it is often a bit difficult to get the kids motivated.

Costa Rica

June 12th, 2008

Now we are in Costa Rica, working on an organic Farm “organized” by WWOOF. I have still so much to write about our road trip, but since I was driving all the time, I didn’t have a free hand to write my posts. So updates are coming later …