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Back to school

August 16th, 2008

Going to school

In my last post I told you what kind of work we had to do. We worked from 7 to 10am had lunch at eleven and left the house a few minutes later so that we could get on time to our other duty … to teach children the English language. First I thought it only applied to Claire, since it also would have been a good practice for her job in France she would start soon. But so I was also involved in it and got new experiences.

Working on the farm

July 31st, 2008


After my last description of the people we stayed with, I now wanna tell you how the life and especially the work on the farm was. We felt the need to work, since we were offered an accommodation and were served with delicious food. So as an exchange for this we were prepared to work.

The family and the farm

July 29th, 2008

Idyllic world

When we arrived at the farm while it already had been dark, the small part of the family, that consisted of Noire, Orlando and Dario, welcomed us. Dario, five years old, immediately was becoming eager and wore a big smile and talked endlessly. His parents served us meanwhile with great food and we had some small talk in Spanish.

While Claire quickly found the way back how to speak Spanish, I waited for a translation most of the time. Still, my Spanish is bad and I know it’s my fault, since I had enough time to learn it, but however I understood more than the last time, when I was in Spain.

Costa Rica – The Arrival

July 25th, 2008


After a long ride by car we got to Los Angeles on time, where our plane to Costa Rica would leave, and even had some time to pay a visit to a couchsurfing friend. That visit became indeed very interesting!