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February 4th, 2008


When we returned from our exciting and life threatening hike, we longed for a lot of chocolate in our warm hut and spending a quiet relaxed evening. It wasn’t even 6 o’clock but it felt like it would have been around midnight … darkness never tells you the time. At least our wishes were fullfilled and a hot shower reanimated our lifes again :)

The following day we didn’t try to sleep too long since we wanted to visit Stavanger, a big harbor town on the west coast of Norway. Instead of choosing the fast road, we decided to take another route that lead us along the south coast, which we didn’t regret.

Norway – The unforgettable hike

January 31st, 2008


When we finally arrived in Kristiansand setting my foot on Norway’s ground for the first time. It’s been already dark and the rain didn’t stop yet. The temperature was surprisingly high; 9°C and our hopes of snow decreased.

It took us about two hours to get to the hut. The road was full of trucks and they didn’t like me I recognized. The narrow, wet roads that reflected too many things and many curves and tunnels made it more difficult to drive. Moreover the different looking landscape distracted me and right next to the street was a solid rock face that I didn’t want to get closer to.

Denmark -> Norway

January 25th, 2008


After considering some possibilities where to spend New Year’s Eve, a new opportunity occured. A friend of my family has a little hut in Norway, which is empty during this time and since I’ve never been to Norway it would be a great chance. Claire also was immediately enthusiastic about that idea and so I reserved a ferry from Hirtshals (in Denmark) to Kristiansand that is in the south of Norway. I was surprised about the price and I didn’t expect to pay around 90€ for both of us and a car.


January 18th, 2008


Years ago I planned to go to Copenhagen … but by bike. There’s a wonderful bike path from Berlin to Copenhagen that leads through the beautiful lake area of Mecklenburg. The last summer it almost happened but then I decided to spend all my holiday in Spain. Since then I finally got to the capital of Denmark and not just once but twice :)

I am …

December 6th, 2007


… back in Copenhagen with Claire 😉


Claire & Mefirework


December 3rd, 2007

Today I got a strange message:

“Very bad news

terrible news

Chema has died…”


What a bad joke is this to draw somebody’s attention, but then I got another message from sombody else, asking me if I already know … knowing … suddenly I didn’t want to know anything but the picture in my head is pushing more and more to the foreground. More and more details are getting to me, message by message … died … diving … haemorrahage.

Shocked und unbelieving I stare at my screen, feeling sick … asking WHY?


October 9th, 2007


The 3rd of October is a public holiday in Germany and this time it was on a Wednesday. Also being stingy with my holidays I took the whole week off to spent it in Krakow. I wanted to visit it with another couchsurfer I met (Anna) and I also wanted to visit some couchsurfers who already had been to Berlin. But I had bad luck and Anna was too busy and the other couchsurfers were travelling (of course) :-/

Recruiting new couchsurfers (Australia)

September 30th, 2007

Martina,Brittany, Josh and Sanne

When I returned from my Spain trip, there was a train chaos and I couldn’t find an information poster telling me what to do. Normally they pester you with signs everywhere but not on this day. So I went to the information center and asked what was going on. The woman I talked to wasn’t very friendly … maybe she was … I think she did the best she could do, but I was a bit frightened by her :)

Chile, NY, Australia, France

September 27th, 2007

Pascal and me

Long before Claudia would arrive she contacted me to ask for my couch. But it was different than all my other requests I got, because she wrote in Spanish. I found out that her English is as good as my Spanish was at that time and I was eager to know how it would be to meet her. Normally there are two possibilities: whether it’ll be completely embarassing and bad or totally funny. Fortunately the latter one was the case and when she finally arrived we communicated with hands and feet.

Moscow, Turkey, Italy and some Erasmus

September 25th, 2007

For just a night a girl from Russia, Moscow, asked for my couch. Similar to a little marathon Nadya wanted to explore Berlin within 36 hours and I think she did 😉 When we met in the evening she just wanted to sit somewhere and have a drink. So I guided her to a nice nearby place and talked about a lot of things. Actually she was very talkative and she told me that she had been in Berlin 10 years ago and wanted to refresh her memory again now. So she walked almost through the whole of Berlin, because that way you could see the most.