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Shanghai or how plans change (07/08/06)

August 18th, 2006

On that day I slept very long because I’ve been told that the next days would be hard. Dejun and Tianming organized a tour with a group of people which is the reason of our busyness. I don’t know if I will like those organized tours. Of course I’ll see a lot but you are always be bounded to a mass of people.

Botanical Garden (06/08/06)

August 18th, 2006


It’s sunday but it’ a day like everyday, because the shops do not close on sunday. After the breakfast I wanted to go to an internet bar and so we did. There arrived I wanted to go on with my writing on my blog but it seems more difficult than I thought. Whether the connection was bad or some sites are really watched from a higher level and you cannot enter them. So I could almost read my eMails but my blog I could just read (after a workaround) but I could not create new posts :-( I hope that I’ve more luck at the next internet bar!

Shenjang (05/08/06)

August 14th, 2006

After arriving in Shenjang I felt very tired. But after seeing Dejun (and his father) and driving through the city of Shenyan, I relived again :-).

This country really differs from other (european) countries. You see many buildings with an interesting architecture but because of the language you can just wonder what function lies behind it.
And then the bicycles … bicycles everywhere … most of them very old ones and very heavy-packed. Chinese really try to transport everything with their little vehicles. It’s very funny two watch them but I would not like to go by bike in this city nor by car. It’s like a survival … The louder the honk the more rights you have. I wonder for what the signals are for … If no one seems to respect them.

Arrival (04/08/06)

August 14th, 2006

In the evening Steffen came to my flat, and we went to a restaurant where we talked very much to get to know each other. After we returned to my flat we went to bed and tried to sleep … But voices from outside kept me awake. Then glass shattered and it seemed like someone would destroy the house. Some fireworkers were standing around but I was too tired to care. Why always must that happen if you do not need it? After closing the window I finally fell asleep.

The day before tomorrow

August 2nd, 2006

Just one more night and I will leave Germany for one month. At 7 o’clock in the morning, Steffen and me are going by train to Frankfurt (Main) where we going to flight to Beijing. He’ll come this evening to me and stays over the night.

What is coming with me (Part 2)

August 1st, 2006

(it’s dark; the flat looks like a mess; here and there lies clothes and other things scattered on the ground; the backpack is almost empty in a corner of the living room; HE is sleeping)

socks: (excited but in low voice) “We made it! We made it! We lie directly in front of the backpack. We will go to this different country! We can’t wait until we are squeezed inside the backpack and get away from this old familiar place! And you, bathing suit, you also made it! Aren’t you glad?”

bathing suit: (sad) “Yeah … it seems so, but I would rather stay here!”

Who is coming with me

July 29th, 2006

After the little discussion of what gets into my backpack, I want to introduce the people I am travelling with. Altogether we are four men; two Chinese and two German. During the journey another one is going to join us if I understand correctly. She is a friend of my friend Dejun.

(Oh … I do not give any guarantee that the names are correctly written :-) )

What is coming with me

July 27th, 2006

Deep in the dark corners of my flat there is a living beyond imagination. “Things” you would never think of that they would have their own life. Maybe you never were sure about it, but believe me … there is something that you never realized …

(it is dark and quiet)

camera: “Hey … have you heard about the upcoming journey?”

almost all other: “Yes … maybe … do you believe it? … I was wondering myself … travelling is so exciting …”

About me

July 24th, 2006

This is me

I am Andr Wallat and I am living in Berlin, the capital of Germany. After studying computer science at the BTU Cottbus I began with my work at ICS AG. Being in this “job-thing”, holidays get more and more important for me. So, at the age of 27 by now, I began to get fond of travelling and my first target is China. That’s why I mainly start this Blogger … to inform everyone who wants to what I am up to!

More about me is coming soon … (maybe)

Preparation for China

July 24th, 2006

Just 10 days until my journey to China will begin. At the time I am not yet nervous about it, although it is my first trip beyond Europe. Tunisia I do not really count … :-)

My plans are going to be concrete more and more! I am flying on the 3rd of August and will return on the 2nd of September. From Frankfurt (Main) I get directly to Beijing where I met a friend of my friend of my friend 😉 So I do not know him but I am still optimistic like I always am. By the way … I am flying with another German who I never met before but he is also a friend of my friend of my … so everything is going to be fine.