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Off to Iceland

August 11th, 2010

Yes … it’s time to travel again! Since I really liked my last trip in Slovenia, where I hiked and camped being on my own, I wanted to continue but this time in Iceland.

Starting in Reykjavik I will go by bus to the Great Geysir, from where on I will hike my way towards the south and east until I will reach the volcano, which name is impossible to pronounce. If there’s time I will approach the biggest glacier in europe.

My impressions can be found here after my trip.

Berlin to Copenhagen (by bike)

July 16th, 2010

Finally I will do the bike trip I was thinking of for years. The popular bike path starting from Berlin and which ends 600km later in Copenhagen is a bike tour I want to do with my dad. I do not expect to get to our destination in just a week time, instead I just hope to spend some good time with my dad, who at the age of 72 is looking forward to the trip. The map is going to show the progress and is going to be updated daily.

Brieselang to Copenhagen auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Valencia (Day 8-10)

May 26th, 2010

P1010579Day 8

At 10:30am I punctually left Alicante by bus to arrive 2.5h later in Valencia, my last place before I would return to Germany a few days later. Valencia is so much bigger than the other two cities I just visited. From the bus station I took a nearby metro to go to my host Conny. She actually is German which wouldn’t help me much to improve my Spanish but on the other hand I didn’t mind at all to talk in my mother tongue :)

Alicante (Day 5-7)

May 24th, 2010

P1010424Day 5

I chose the train instead of the bus to go from Murcia to Alicante, which was more or less the same price (5 euros). The route wasn’t as scenic as I hoped and only the last minutes we rode right next to the sea. The city which is also called Alacant (in Valencian) surprised me by its many tourists. When I found my way to the beach and the many restaurants along the Emplanada, I was surrounded by mainly English speaking people. The first contact I had when I was going to a bathroom of a restaurant, where a few tourist look alike waited in a line, confused looking at a sign. One of them looked at me hoping I could decipher it. I could! The sign said that the keys for the bathroom can be received at the bar. But I had more information to share with these guys. A guy from the bar already told me to use the women’s bathroom why-ever, which we all did in the end.

Murcia (Day 2-4)

May 14th, 2010


Day 2

It was past noon when I opened my eyes and I felt quite good. Ana was still asleep and I started to make some breakfast. A little bit later she joined me and we talked for a few hours until it was time for me to see more from the city. So I started walking towards the city center. The streets were very empty, wondering where everyone was. Later I recognized that it was May 1st and people would go to the beach (so I was told here). The sky suddenly got darker and it finally began to rain. Thanks to gardeners lots of trees kept me dry on my way. But it was so quiet. Only the rain hitting onto the hot concrete to reveal the so familiar stench, not knowing if to like or hate it.

Murcia (Day 1)

May 13th, 2010


It was time to travel again, to see more places and some (old) friends as hopefully to make some new ones. My nine-day-trip will be defined by visiting Murcia, Alicante and Valencia.

Barbara, who I visited last year in Slovenia, moved recently to Alicante, which actually was my main intention t

o go to Spain again, since I haven’t got to know the south-east of Spain yet. Instead of being all the time around her, so that she could get sick of me, I decided to see some other close by cities, that I heard of.

Don’t hitch-hike me!

December 7th, 2009

Clouds in the valley

Day 13

Without being in any hurry I packed my things and had a small breakfast. An hour later I started walking again while the sun seemed to turn around in her bed. It was around 12km downhill until I would reach a bigger place. I was glad that I was over the pass and walking was easy now. While the sun slowly rose the valley awoke. Clouds were hanging sleepy like a blanket in the valley. Trees were half covered by them and created a mysterious atmosphere.

Along the Soča

December 5th, 2009

Clouds in the valley

Day 11

I fortunately paid the previous night, since the reception did not open before 9am. At that time I already left Bovec 3km behind and walked through the nice village of Čezsoča. It was a pretty village and a little grocery store and a restaurant.

Quite the opposite I felt when I passed through Log Čezsoča just a very few kilometers further. People seemed to be unfriendly since some didn’t even reply when I greeted them and nothing interesting to see there … just houses. But maybe I just met the wrong people however I was finally kicked out by some dogs which were little but pretty loud.

Soča Valley – The emerald river

November 27th, 2009

Soča Valley

Day 8

When I arrived down in the valley I was greeted by the river Soča. The clear cool water I used to fill up my bottles. A sign said that it was 6.5h up to Triglav and one hour to Trenta. Great I thought and went towards Trenta. If I would have had the information about the “Soška Pot” I could have had started immediately to walk by the beautiful river along nice trails. But I didn’t know about it and so I walked along the street with few cars passing by.

Triglav … you are mine!

October 22nd, 2009


Day 7 – The myth of the one hundred women

When I looked out of the window at 6:30am I didn’t believe my eyes. Overnight around 30cm of snow fell and it was September. My plan to go up Triglav was a little bit disturbed, but since nobody said a word to prevent me from this, I started leaving for it at around 10am. The guys from England already left by then going down to the valley. The moment I wanted to leave the hut, a hundred(?) women came inside. By then I knew that it was true and I heard from different people that once every year such an event is held.