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Approaching the mountains

October 21st, 2009


Day 5 – Through the woods

With all of my stuff packed I left the camp site Bled to visit Triglav mountain in two or three days. I wanted to make a detour to see more of the national park and so I went first to a gorge situated in the west of Bled. Along that one I would go south west until I arrive to some other nature spot. However the latter one I wasn’t able to see at that day.

Arriving in Bled

October 16th, 2009


Day 3 – Bled

My sleeping bag is cute and tiny, however not keeping you very warm. I should have listen to my last Couchsurfer who recommended me get another one or at least an inlay. Next thing that was on my list was to find a blanket or similar.

I had a great hot shower which heated up my body and had my daily soup for breakfast. This time it was a vegetable soup. At 7am I left the camp ground and walked towards Bled. It was a nice and easy walk. After 3km I already reached it and passed an outdoor shop. I went inside and found what I needed. With an inlay for my sleeping bag the further nights will be better hopefully.

Into the wild … but first class!

October 15th, 2009


Day 1

After a great breakfast I left Munich by train. I travelled first class since a special offer by the DB made the ticket cheaper than second class ones. I shared my compartment with another man who was also lucky to travel first class.

When we talked after I sat down, we stopped again when we arrived in Villach, a town in the south of Austria. This guy was so interesting to talk and listen to that time passed so quickly. He’s a pianist and composer and some other things too, as he was also giving lessons. What he said changed some fundamental rules of mine that I set up a long time ago. He seemed to me a great teacher also, so if you happen to live around Villach then you should learn the Piano with him or better send your kids to him 😉

Into the wild … with Coldplay?

October 13th, 2009


Day 0

Finally it was time to travel again! This time I would go to Slovenia hiking and camping for three weeks with not a big plan but just knowing where I would start and where I would end. Before I however left my country I stopped by Munich to visit a friend I already was couchsurfing with.

It was already two years ago that I’ve last seen Elisa, who I knew from my wonderful couchsurfing experience in Constance. She did an internship in Munich and invited everybody to her temporary space … since Munich was on the way to Slovenia it just seemed the right idea to visit her again :-)

Ghent (this time for real)

August 20th, 2009

Polé PoléIn the evening we left for Ghent which was another reason to come back for. The biggest festival called “Geentse festen” was going on for 10 days with live concerts and music all over the town.
So after we had dinner we left for the city center. In the beginning we passed many empty streets and I thought Lien exagerated with this festival. But then we turned around a corner where crowded streets blocked our way. Lien reconed that the last years much more people had been on the streets. Probably because more popular bands were playing, but for me it already was amazing!

In Bruges

August 12th, 2009

One is the touristIt’s Thursday 7:30am and I’m sitting in a train to Bruges in Belgium. Thanks to a special offer by Deutsche Bahn I only had fo pay 44 euros one way. I could have had it 10 euros cheaper but I did ‘t really want to stay two more hours in the train.

Lost in Guitars

August 1st, 2009

I am happy to finally present my new website related to one of my other hobbies, which is playing the guitar :)

This website is still a bit under construction but the main stuff seems to work so far. I put some recordings on that site that you can listen too and even give your vote. Later on it will be possible to write comments.

If you didn’t already clicked on the link (or on the guitar on top of this blog then click here :)


April 21st, 2009


My parents asked me if I’d like to join them on a little trip during Easter. It must have been more than a decade when I travelled the last time with them. Also my brother including his family joined and when Claire also joined in I thought that it actually could become quite nice :-)

The destination was a popular place in the former GDR, where you could find the highest mountain. This 1134m mountain is called Brocken and is situated within the nature resort called Harz.

Miedzyzdroje – Poland

January 11th, 2009


The end of the year got closer and closer and all I knew was that I wanted to spend some days somewhere else otherwise than at home. There were so many places to choose from but time had advanced too much so that you had to pay a fortune to get there.

The choice finally fell to Poland, a place where my parents spend some days every now and then, but this time it would be Claire and me. To be more exactly the place is called Miedzyzdroje (also know as Misdroy), a small city directly at the Baltic Sea. The hotel had a special offer, where you pay for three nights including breakfast, dinner, sauna, swimming pool and other little things. That sounded good to us and we were willing to  pay 145 euros for that.

Belgium and Netherlands

November 20th, 2008

GhentAt the end of October Claire had some days off which we used to travel a bit. But even more the reason was to see friends again. I’m talking of Lien and Talitha, who I met on my trip through Costa Rica. Lien was the one who I even convinced to go to Providencia, where Claire still was working on the farm.