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Peru – Trujillo

September 6th, 2008

Trujillo Plaza de Armas

It was time to leave Lima after spending almost a week there … where did the time go? My destination was Huaraz, however there weren’t any free seats for the bus at Cruz del Sur, the bus company. Since there’s no central bus terminal in Lima, it would be a bit more difficult and time consuming to find another bus. I checked the nearby surrounding and found around four other bus companies at least, however no one with Huaraz as a destination.

Peru – Welcome to Lima

September 5th, 2008

Playing on the street

The day finally came that I would leave Central America and head for South America, which was my original plan from the beginning. But now there isn’t so much time anymore, around six weeks, which is enough for one or two countries. I decided to go to Peru, since this country always fascinated me. I could even find a Couchsurfer who would host me for a few days and so I left my hostel in Panama City for an eventful day.

Panama City

September 3rd, 2008


In Boquete I recovered a few days until I decided to go to Panama City. It would be a whole day spending in the bus and the first step was to go to David again. That was easy and fast. Every half an hour a bus departs and so I’d been in David at around 10am. There I immediately bought a bus ticket to Panama City. The line was long and I had to wait around 15 minutes but then I already could enter the bus half an hour later.

David and Boquete

August 30th, 2008


It was raining heavily the day I left Bocos del Toro. A sign for me that I was doing the right thing. What else can you enjoy there, when not the beach? And for this you need a friendly and shining sun. By watertaxi I went to Almirante ($4). From there (normal) taxis were already waiting and for $1 I was brought to the bus station, where the buses leave for David. For less than $10 and four hours later I was in David. This big city I wanted to see before I go to the more interesting place called Boquete. The lonely planet recommended me a place to stay, which is called the Purple House. I tried to find it by foot, but that was a bit difficult.

Bocas del Toro

August 28th, 2008

Bocas del Toro

After some nice days at the beach in Costa Rica it was finally time to leave this country. I already was too long there, that’s what my feelings were telling me, since I wanted to devote my time to South America at first place. But before I finally would come to South America, I would finish Central America with Panama. I heard and read different stories from people who crossed this border to Panama and I was a bit worried. Always the talk about that you need to have a return or onward ticket when you want to enter the country or about an exit tax … nothing happened in the end to me. But maybe I was just lucky and if there would have been another guy on the border, checking my passport, I could have had a harder day.

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

August 22nd, 2008

Puerto Viejo

After I spent another night (alone) in San Jose in a very cheap and sketchy area I went to the very south-east of Costa Rica, close to the border to Panama. At 10am my bus left and after four hours I arrived at this popular beach place. I was told that it has the whitest beaches you could imagine. I tried to find them, but I was a bit disappointed at first.

Departing and going to Volcano Arenal

August 20th, 2008

Vulcan Arenal

After one month of WWOOFing in Providencia it was time for the real traveling. Claire could join me for that weekend, but she had to be back on Sunday already. We found someone, who would drive us again to Santa Maria, from where we took a bus to Cartago, which once was the capital of Costa Rica. We didn’t have much information about this city and when we arrived we were kind of lost. No map, no orientation and no plan where to stay at. The latter one is not exactly true, because the Lonely Planet offered us an address. When we were asking around where we could find this hotel, we were told that it’s in a bad area and we should take another one. Someone recommended us one and even brought us all the way to the hotel.

Trip to Dominical and Uvita

August 18th, 2008

Beach Uvita

While we were busy from Monday to Friday with working on the farm and at the school, we only had the weekends left to explore Costa Rica. Sometimes we didn’t even have the weekend off, since there was an extra English class given by Robby. But Robby left Costa Rica and this community unexpectedly, that’s why we felt obliged to continue this class. However we were also glad to use a weekend just to relax and to check out the nearby surrounding, because it’s quite a hassle to get out of Providencia. But one Friday we left for San Isidro (sorry kids, no school) the second biggest city in Costa Rica, which is situated in the south.

Back to school

August 16th, 2008

Going to school

In my last post I told you what kind of work we had to do. We worked from 7 to 10am had lunch at eleven and left the house a few minutes later so that we could get on time to our other duty … to teach children the English language. First I thought it only applied to Claire, since it also would have been a good practice for her job in France she would start soon. But so I was also involved in it and got new experiences.

Welcome to Peru

August 1st, 2008

I should be now in an airplane to Lima in Peru … I will have been arrived in the middle of the night at around 1am. I even found a couchsurfer I could stay with, who doesn’t mind which hour I would come … we’ll see :)

More posts coming soon …