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Working on the farm

July 31st, 2008


After my last description of the people we stayed with, I now wanna tell you how the life and especially the work on the farm was. We felt the need to work, since we were offered an accommodation and were served with delicious food. So as an exchange for this we were prepared to work.

The family and the farm

July 29th, 2008

Idyllic world

When we arrived at the farm while it already had been dark, the small part of the family, that consisted of Noire, Orlando and Dario, welcomed us. Dario, five years old, immediately was becoming eager and wore a big smile and talked endlessly. His parents served us meanwhile with great food and we had some small talk in Spanish.

While Claire quickly found the way back how to speak Spanish, I waited for a translation most of the time. Still, my Spanish is bad and I know it’s my fault, since I had enough time to learn it, but however I understood more than the last time, when I was in Spain.

Costa Rica – The Arrival

July 25th, 2008


After a long ride by car we got to Los Angeles on time, where our plane to Costa Rica would leave, and even had some time to pay a visit to a couchsurfing friend. That visit became indeed very interesting!

Redwood Forest

July 24th, 2008


We left Seattle in the morning and knew that it would be a day whole day driving. Our destination was the Redwood Forest, which is famous because of its huge redwood trees. Before we left the state Washington however, I had to get o coffee from a very certain place. Julia told me, that there are booths, that look like cows and inside you are served by half naked girls … this I had to investigate of course 😉


July 22nd, 2008


Before we actually went to Seattle to visit the last Couchsurfing friend, Julia, we made a stop at another national park … the Mount Rainier National Park. It is between Portland and Seattle and if we just would buy another entry ticket of a national park, we could get an annual pass, so we would be able to visit all other national parks in the States for one year for free. Moreover we saved some dollars since the pass costs $80 and we were only $5 away from it with all our other entry tickets. The only condition is, that all the other tickets mustn’t be older than two weeks, only then you can exchange your receipts with an annual pass.


July 21st, 2008


We left Berkeley knowing that we would spend the whole day driving, when we wanted to arrive in Portland the very same day. But we wanted to see how it goes and if it would take too long, then we would just look for an accomodation on hour way, letting Megan know, that she wouldn’t have to wait for us this day. But it went quite good with one exception … but to that a little bit later.

San Francisco

July 19th, 2008

Golden Gate Bridge

We woke up knowing that a long day was before us. It was planned to go up to Portland or Seattle which would have been a ten hours ride at least. Not very enthusiastic we put our tent into the car, wondering if the manager of this campsite would come by. He didn’t and so we didn’t pay anything for our two nights at this place. Moreover we gained $20, since the Spanish couple gave us money to pay the manager, while they were already gone in the early morning.

Yosemite Park

July 17th, 2008

Yosemite National Park

We left Death Valley and so its dead landscape. Slowly the hills became green and the vast ground was replaced by nice trees. The landscape (that reminded me of the computer game “Collin McRae Rally” by the way) was very beautiful. Far on the left and on the right big snow capped mountains joined us, while green hills were found next to the street. We wouldn’t really have believed that, after coming from the desert, we would throw snowballs at each other at the end of the day … but we did!

Death Valley

July 3rd, 2008

Death Valley

From Las Vegas our trip should continue north west towards San Francisco and Portland and Seattle. On our way were two National Parks we wanted to visit. The first one was Death Valley and the second Yosemite National Park. We planned to drive through Death Valley to spend the night in the other national park, but things went different and we spent the night in the desert inside Death Valley.

Las Vegas

July 1st, 2008


We left the Grand Canyon to see one of the biggest cities (or the biggest?) within a desert … Las Vegas. It would have taken five hours at least (already driving faster than allowed) and so we made several stops. We asked again the GPS device if there are any tourist things near our route. We wanted to give it another chance, since it led us to the middle of nowhere the last time. This time it should bring us to a spot called Johnson Crater, which sounded interesting.We left the highway and a road consisting of gravel welcomed us. We drove slowly the small track and the distance to the crater decreased. When we almost expected another disappointment we saw something beside the road. The GPS also told us to stop and so we did (of course!). We got off the car and looked at the “something”, which was a big hole, that actually looked like a crater. We wouldn’t really call it a tourist attraction, but it’s surprising that this was listed as one, but the Hoover Dam not.