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Babysitting, why not?

April 22nd, 2008


After two weeks in the States and spending already a bunch of money, I got the chance to work and earn some money instead. That would be neat, because my new iPod Touch wasn’t that cheap (but still a lot cheaper than in Germany) 😀

Some weeks ago Claire was babysitting a few times and this family was looking for somebody with a lot of time and flexible. So Claire asked me and I hesitated a bit first, but then I thought: “Why not?” It’ll be a good experience and I will find out how I can get along with children the whole day. So we called them back and set an appointment on a Sunday to get to know to each other.

Everything changes

April 20th, 2008

Updates will be delayed due to … whatever … but here a little poem (found here) that could describe my current situation a bit:

everything changes

isn’t it funny how everything changes
different surroundings with familiar faces
look back at the years and wonder where they went
cherish the memories, for my sins i cant repent

every second, every minute as time passes by
every breath that i take, every tear from my eye
every morning i wake, every evening i sleep
another day gone, another memory to keep

New York

April 7th, 2008

Statue of Liberty

My first days in New York I spent with exploring the places I already heard of. Some things I did together with Claire, but since she has to do a lot of stuff for university I was on my own several times.

Washington DC

March 28th, 2008

The Capitol

I woke up quite early the following morning (in Germany it’d been already lunch time) and I couldn’t find some sleep again, but I think it was more coming from the excitement than from the jet lack. Our train to Washington DC left at around 2pm so we had a few hours to get prepared. I hadn’t much to do anyway since my backpack was not yet on the American ground.

Flight to New York

March 25th, 2008


Welcome to the States

Finally the day came I would fly over the ocean to set foot on the States the very first time. In the early morning a friend, Julia, came by to have breakfast with me and to see me off. Fortunately the buses were driving again (after 12 days of striking) and I had a good connection to the airport. The tickets for my flight I already printed that should shorten my time a bit. So I checked in my big backpack and went with Julia to a Starbucks cafe. She hoped to see somebody there she knows and we were lucky and a friend of her welcomed us there giving us a coffee for free. It was nice talking to him and he told us that he will go to New York soon too so that we could meet up somewhere. I hope it’ll work out!

In the States

March 20th, 2008

The CapitolI haven’t got much time to write, but I will catch up with it later.

So far I reached New York without any big problems. But still I had an exciting time I will write about soon. Instead of being in New York I am now in Washington DC, there where the White House and other interesting things are. On the weekend I’ll return to New York again where I will have more time to write about my first days …

Stay tuned!

Oslo and the return through Sweden

March 10th, 2008

Snow is falling

Although being unemployed now, I couldn’t find the time to finish the end of my Norway post … so here it finally comes!

After so many hours of concentrated driving we finally reached Oslo. We drove to the place where we wanted to meet with our Couchsurfer, trying to find a parking lot nearby. First we got into a park house, but when we saw that they asked for around 8€ an hour we immediately left and looked for a space in a side street. We found one and paid half the price which is still a lot of money … Norway is really expensive, so that you have to pay the double of the price as you would pay in Germany, especially food.

My last day at work

February 29th, 2008


Before I continue the post of my Norway trip, I have to write about my current situation! I’ve been already planning for a while my big trip to the States and to South America and meanwhile my last days working for my company came closer. I quited my job, because I wanted to be flexible for the near future. I want to start something new, a new job somewhere else where I need other skills than I do now. But also the urge to see more from the world, to experience the life more intensive, which is not possible with a few days of holidays a year, led to my decision. It’s possible that this feeling has been passed from my Couchsurfers on me 😉 … and not to forget I want to be closer to my girlfriend!

All the way to Oslo

February 8th, 2008

So much snow

The new year we started (again) late and also felt lazy. But we wanted to go outside for another little hike and with the help of our map we found a pleasant one. By car it took us around 20 minutes to get to a ferry place. Instead of using it we parked our car and watched out for the hiking path. It was difficult to find but finally we saw a little sign behind some trees and so the entry point for the hike.

New Year’s Eve

February 6th, 2008


It’s New Year’s Eve and Claire and I are in Flekkefjörd. The day began with a smiling sun, but we managed it again to leave the hut, when lunch already should have been ready again. We chose a hiking trip just half an hour away by car and with the help of wonderful GPS systems we easily found the starting point for our trip.

We met an old couple that led us several meters through the woods until our ways parted. But before we reached that point we talked while walking and they told some stories around this place. They have been very friendly and it was nice to talk to them … meanwhile I also lost one of my gloves …